Saturday, 22 August 2009

Bridgwater-Wellington August 12th Day 54

Todays walk was mainly along the A38 the weather is sunny perfect walking weather. Just before Taunton on to the river Tone which went right through the town. A busy little place. Tonight staying at a little campsite for free thanks very much. Well i've see some things in my time but this made me laugh. A man who was visiting from Hong Kong with his wife hired this
Campers r us from london £40 a day it was really funny watching them trying to sort out where to put everything so they could sleep.
Soon after arriving we met up with a Dutch Couple who were cycling and shared a meal of jacket spuds cooked in the bucket. A very pleasant evening.
Just outside the camp was this Varda with a an old gypsy lady and her horse it was a lovely sight.

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