Thursday, 27 August 2009

The End Post

At last as i walked into lands about 4.20 and 66 days on the 25th August a voice over the tanoy welcomed me in and people applauded it was a real nice feeling. A great sense of acheivement and at last it was done.

It is so different to John O Groat very touristy with little amusements and coffee shops. Attractions and lots of people. At the post a picture and another spontanious round of applause

The End 25th August 2009

The Start 1st June 2009

A glass of champagne to celebrate and to raise a toast to all the people who have raised money for cancer research a big thankyou to all the campsites and superstores for the donations.

And a special thankyou to sherpa dennisterlee could not have done it without you xxx.

This has been a summer to remember a wonderful adventure. Time now to reflect and decide on the next big adventure.


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  1. Congratulations Steve! I've been enjoying your blog and will be sad to see it end - now for the next challenge, eh!