Monday, 20 July 2009

Oakfield - Hebdon Bridge July 17th Day 37

After all the rain and wind todays walk was very pleasant. Mostly up hill moving out of the dales and into the pennines. I met an old fella 82 and walked with him for awhile. He said he walked about 6 miles a day everyday. He showed me a pathway into Hebdon and a nice little town it is. With lovely little stone buildings and a lovely bridge in the middle of the town. An earned day off tomorrow to watch the golf.

Skipton-Oakfield July 16th Day 36

It started raining about 7 oclock last night and it just didn't stop all day and through the night the wind was blowing really strong the worst day since begining this walk. Today's walk was a real slog. I walked through torrents of water on the road because the drains had not been cleaned out for years and all the water just ran down the sides of the road.
Went to a campsite called Upwood who were great only charged one night and being as the rain was so bad and i was due a day off i stayed for three nights. On the saturday went into the club house and the lovely people there took a glass round and raised £40 so a big thank you to them.

Sunday, 19 July 2009

Kettlewell - Skipton July 15th Day 35

You can tell when your getting near big towns the roads become so busy and today was not exception. A quick thank to Tesco for the food voucher and Morrisons for the gift voucher.

Hawes - Kettlewell July 15th Day 34

I have not walked the Pennine way and without maps would be silly, i am glad i didn't go that way i have walked mainly on b roads since leaving Scotland and its been really nice. Todays walk was really nice along side a nice river most of the way.

Met a man called John Davis who owned a little gallery in Kettlewell and he paid for the camp site tonight so thankyou John. The village was very small it had a tea shop and a pub thats it. Dont know what people do out here. It had lots of little holiday cottages most empty.

Kirkby Stephen - Hawes July 14th Day 34

Today was up and down dales. It is very pretty out here i thought Scotland spectacular but the Yorkshire Dales are really very nice. Saw a wonderfall river running through a place called Gayle. Up and over the butter tubs which i found out to be holes in the ground that had

water falls some were so deep you could not see the bottom.

Tonight was spent on some waste ground at the back of a very nice family thankyou for that it was very peaceful. One thing about travel you meet some nice people.

Appleby-Kirkby Stephen July 13th Day 33

Leaving Appleby

Todays walk was mainly down lanes the weather was nice. With the north Yorkshire Dales in sight and more open spaces and big hills a nights rest was required and in a nice little cove on the edge of the dales gave good shelter. Just in time tent up before a down pour.
Catching a rainbow

Monday, 13 July 2009

Plumpton Head – Appleby July 11th Day 32

Through Penrith a nice market town. Busy little place with lots of little alley’s full of shops geared for walkers. Thanks Cancer Research for the new shorts and t shirt.

Onto the A6 then a nice little country lane to Bolton and a weekend just outside Appleby famous for the Gypsy Horse Fair this weekend there was a carnival. A a day off camping in the garden of 17th century cottage besides the river.

Carleton – Plumpton Head July 10th Day 31

Starting today walking along side the River Petteril that runs through Richards land. A nice stroll on a public footpath that cut out a large section of the A6 through Wreay Woods to Wreay village with one pub and a nice church. Then through Southwaite toward Penrith a short walk to Plumpton Head Farm and the owner another dairy farmer called John. Thanks for the milk and another night in a field. Would like to say how nice the farms are kept along the way.

Gretna – Carleton July 9th Day 30

ippeeeeeee Today I arrived in England that’s Scotland done roughly 380miles behind me. The last man I spoke to in Scotland was phil cutting his hedge at the last hotel in Scotland. As I crossed the border into England you could notice the difference in landscape it just seemed to stretch out in front of me. Off on to a now almost disused A74 since the opening of the motorway that runs along side. This was a nice road to walk not to busy and relatively flat. The weather was nice just right for walking. My straw hat came in handy. The lake district was off to the right and looked very nice. Arriving in Carlisle about lunch time the traffic was awful so I avoided the city and headed out on the A6 towards Penrith. A quick thanks to Asda for the £15 worth of food vouchers.
Tonight was spent in a field owned by Richard Workman from Beeches Farm a very nice man and I quote ‘the only farmer with a bull firing blanks ‘ he’s a dairy farmer and had some lovely cows but was having trouble with his bull. Thanks Richard a peaceful night. Hope you got the bull sorted.

Lockerbie – Gretna July 8th Day 29

Still walking the B7076 through Ecclefechan the birth place of Thomas Carlyle. Another nice day with mainly farmland for scenery. I notice there were five modes of transport on this section the M74 the railway the river the cycle path and the road. I was surprised to meet Donald again coming towards me on his bike after a quick chat he told me he went to find his mate in Gretna which I thought was really nice of him. He couldn’t but told me the pub he would be in later. Blogsy is not a hard person to find as everyone in the village knows who he is and another night in a back garden was very welcome. His wife Pauline comes from Blackheath and seemed to have three different accents Black country, geordie and Scottish. Unfortunately Blogs was busy with his birds so did not get to spend much time around. Thank you Pauline for the drink and the washing. Hope you had a nice weekend back home in Blackheath.
Gretna Green and Gretna itself just seems to be all geared up for weddings the Old Blacksmith where there is a museum and it proudly boasts its reputation for being the place for runaway weddings since 1775. Every where you look its wedding stuff. Flower shops bridal shops wedding cars and photographer’s advertising . Thank you Jim for the tour of the museum.

Beattock – Lockerbie July 7th Day 28

Today I headed for Lockerbie the scene of such Devastation back in 1988 when an Aeroplane exploded over this peaceful little village. I walked mainly along the cycle path nice and flat. The weather was fine if not slightly overcast. The night was a pleasure spending it in the back garden of a local mechanic and biker Donald who spent the night chatting and pouring the Scotch. Thanks Donald it was a pleasure. I told him I was heading for Gretna the next day so he suggested I find a friend of his called Blogsy who he thought wouldn’t mind a tent in his back garden. Hope to meet up again.

Donald having a tot

Blogsy and Pauline

The garden of remembrance is just outside the town in the local cemetery and it is really nice. I did not realise how many people died in this disaster 277 the youngest being only 2 months and the eldest 82. I was told that a family who lost three members also lost another son some 15 years later to suicide. He had gone to his friends to mend his bike when part of the plane fell on the house and sadly couldn't live with it.

Abington – Beattock July 6th Day 27

Along the B7076 a very nice road for walking so anyone thinking of doing this walk then I suggest they use this road. I decided against the Penine Way after listerning to a few people I had met. I do not have the maps, the weather can change at any time and I don’t feel I would see a great deal more going this way. The night before had been very wet and luckily today only caught in one shower.

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

July 4th,2009 Day 27

Back to where I finished yesterday and a pleasant 12mile walk along a nice country lane via Roberton towards Abington which is Scotland’s highest village with a gold panning centre so Henderson grab your bucket and spade. Going to have the day off Sunday to watch the tennis.

Lanark – Abington July 3rd, 2009 Day 26

A walker or lost yodeller you make your own mind up

What a change in weather today setting off in relatively calm skies up a steep hill to the village of New Lanark. Quite a nice place nothing more than a high street. Passing Lanark Race Course alas no more its now a Rugby Ground. Back on the A73 that was so busy I had to find another way its not funny playing dodge ball with Hgv’s. Then the heavens opened so off to a Caravan and Campsite club field nice and cheap thanks for that. Best off finishing today’s walk tomorrow as the rain was pretty relentless.

Cleland – Lanark July 2nd, 2009 Day 25

Today was a nice walk following the river Clyde through Rose Bank, Hazel Bank and Kirkfield Bank with the garden centre’s there were a good few of them. Lots of green houses lined this road. Again very hot. To a Campsite by the Clyde. Thanks for the reduction in fee’s nice site. And at last the donation of a bottle of Skin so Soft from a lady who lived on the site.

Rigg End – Cleland July 1st, 2009 Day 24

I know in Scotland there are no Trespass Laws and you can camp anywhere its always nice ask permission so a peaceful night spent in a farmer’s field thank you Robbie the beautiful morning views of lochs and mountains had been replaced with Council Estates and Skip Hire Sites as this was a farmer who had a tip for building rubble on his land. Still nice and quiet and a chance to try the solar shower and it was worth every penny at £4.99.

Through Airdrie
The biggest town for sure full of people and cars and A roads. This was not a nice walk to start the sun blazing and cars zooming around. It was very busy around here. And the first part of the morning had me walking along the A73 toward Wishaw this day was again hot. And the constant traffic made it difficult to get on.

Carron Valley – Rigg End June 30th , 2009 Day 23

Walking towards Kilsyth in terrific heat I knew I was heading for humanity because there was more rubbish along this relatively short country lane than I had seen all the way since leaving John o Groats. Passing a couple of fella’s on the road drinking cans of beer about eleven and throwing the cans on the side of the road. Why I ask myself.
Through Kilsyth
This place seemed another run down little town. Lots of boarded over shops and not being funny but the first time I’d seen an Asian shop and there a few of them here, all with broad Scottish accents. But the amount of people and cars is mind boggling after being out in the sticks for so long its so in your face. Camped in a field

Aberfoyle - Carron Valley Reservoir June 29th, 2009 Day 22

Very very hot today, draining and strength zapping out of Aberfoyle away from the comfy bed and relaxing bath along a busy A road for a while then on to a much quieter B Road a pleasant walk through mainly farm land. Through Fintry hills to the reservoir and the wind farm on the hill.
A Fisheries Bailiff pointed out a good place to camp for the night cheers Frasier right in the middle of midgy den.