Saturday, 22 August 2009

Tin Hay - Minions August 18th Day 58

From Tin Hay i left the camp and just up the road was the sign i wanted to see.Yippee the last County Cornwall. After 58 days the home stretch was in front of me. On the B3254 a nice walking day weather wise walking on the edge of Bodmin Moor with the wild horses and open area very nice. Looks like 66-1 shot one joe would back.
The open moors a lovely with the Hurlers Stone Circle in view and lots of chimney type building dotted about these i think are something to do with tin mining. The Evening camp was behind yet another pub a 16th century inn. Who let people camp behind it and we were not alone as there was a community of travellers living there. In the evening over a pint i met a fellow Steve who had made his living mainly picking. He told me about his last job which was picking nettle leaves that were used to cover cheese. Amazing £11 a kilo he said after a while he could not feel the ends of his fingers what a charactor. And a woman who called herself a Prayer Mother called Megarry who offered to do any washing we had and donated £5.00 thankyou. And a thankyou to nobby the landlord who let us camp for free.

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