Monday, 13 July 2009

Gretna – Carleton July 9th Day 30

ippeeeeeee Today I arrived in England that’s Scotland done roughly 380miles behind me. The last man I spoke to in Scotland was phil cutting his hedge at the last hotel in Scotland. As I crossed the border into England you could notice the difference in landscape it just seemed to stretch out in front of me. Off on to a now almost disused A74 since the opening of the motorway that runs along side. This was a nice road to walk not to busy and relatively flat. The weather was nice just right for walking. My straw hat came in handy. The lake district was off to the right and looked very nice. Arriving in Carlisle about lunch time the traffic was awful so I avoided the city and headed out on the A6 towards Penrith. A quick thanks to Asda for the £15 worth of food vouchers.
Tonight was spent in a field owned by Richard Workman from Beeches Farm a very nice man and I quote ‘the only farmer with a bull firing blanks ‘ he’s a dairy farmer and had some lovely cows but was having trouble with his bull. Thanks Richard a peaceful night. Hope you got the bull sorted.

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