Monday, 13 July 2009

Lockerbie – Gretna July 8th Day 29

Still walking the B7076 through Ecclefechan the birth place of Thomas Carlyle. Another nice day with mainly farmland for scenery. I notice there were five modes of transport on this section the M74 the railway the river the cycle path and the road. I was surprised to meet Donald again coming towards me on his bike after a quick chat he told me he went to find his mate in Gretna which I thought was really nice of him. He couldn’t but told me the pub he would be in later. Blogsy is not a hard person to find as everyone in the village knows who he is and another night in a back garden was very welcome. His wife Pauline comes from Blackheath and seemed to have three different accents Black country, geordie and Scottish. Unfortunately Blogs was busy with his birds so did not get to spend much time around. Thank you Pauline for the drink and the washing. Hope you had a nice weekend back home in Blackheath.
Gretna Green and Gretna itself just seems to be all geared up for weddings the Old Blacksmith where there is a museum and it proudly boasts its reputation for being the place for runaway weddings since 1775. Every where you look its wedding stuff. Flower shops bridal shops wedding cars and photographer’s advertising . Thank you Jim for the tour of the museum.

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