Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Rigg End – Cleland July 1st, 2009 Day 24

I know in Scotland there are no Trespass Laws and you can camp anywhere its always nice ask permission so a peaceful night spent in a farmer’s field thank you Robbie the beautiful morning views of lochs and mountains had been replaced with Council Estates and Skip Hire Sites as this was a farmer who had a tip for building rubble on his land. Still nice and quiet and a chance to try the solar shower and it was worth every penny at £4.99.

Through Airdrie
The biggest town for sure full of people and cars and A roads. This was not a nice walk to start the sun blazing and cars zooming around. It was very busy around here. And the first part of the morning had me walking along the A73 toward Wishaw this day was again hot. And the constant traffic made it difficult to get on.

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