Monday, 13 July 2009

Beattock – Lockerbie July 7th Day 28

Today I headed for Lockerbie the scene of such Devastation back in 1988 when an Aeroplane exploded over this peaceful little village. I walked mainly along the cycle path nice and flat. The weather was fine if not slightly overcast. The night was a pleasure spending it in the back garden of a local mechanic and biker Donald who spent the night chatting and pouring the Scotch. Thanks Donald it was a pleasure. I told him I was heading for Gretna the next day so he suggested I find a friend of his called Blogsy who he thought wouldn’t mind a tent in his back garden. Hope to meet up again.

Donald having a tot

Blogsy and Pauline

The garden of remembrance is just outside the town in the local cemetery and it is really nice. I did not realise how many people died in this disaster 277 the youngest being only 2 months and the eldest 82. I was told that a family who lost three members also lost another son some 15 years later to suicide. He had gone to his friends to mend his bike when part of the plane fell on the house and sadly couldn't live with it.

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