Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Carron Valley – Rigg End June 30th , 2009 Day 23

Walking towards Kilsyth in terrific heat I knew I was heading for humanity because there was more rubbish along this relatively short country lane than I had seen all the way since leaving John o Groats. Passing a couple of fella’s on the road drinking cans of beer about eleven and throwing the cans on the side of the road. Why I ask myself.
Through Kilsyth
This place seemed another run down little town. Lots of boarded over shops and not being funny but the first time I’d seen an Asian shop and there a few of them here, all with broad Scottish accents. But the amount of people and cars is mind boggling after being out in the sticks for so long its so in your face. Camped in a field

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