Saturday, 6 June 2009

Wick to Latheronewheel 2nd June 2009 Day 2

Wick to Latheronwheel, a total of 18.5 miles today the weather was fine warm so with kendal mint cake and fluid in my back pack off i set. Out of Wick on to the A9 a slow climb southwards. I was amazed at the amount of petrified rabbits laid at the side of road. Feeling fit and well with no foot problems and pleasing walk to Libster halfway for a well earned cuppa and a sit down. After setting off i found it to be a bit of a slog and was feeling the burn. The countryside was mainly barren with the odd farmhouse and very devoid of humans. Arriving at latheronwheel i headed for the harbour and a nice little place to set camp for the night. Over looking the harbour in a little cove. Set out with a picnic area and sun shining down a perfect end to a nice day.

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