Thursday, 11 June 2009

Barbraville to Evanton June 10th 2009 Day 9

Today was a 12 mile walk throu Invergordon and the smell that hung in the air from the White & mckay distillary reminded me of wheatabix it was thick and heavy. Invergordon was an old naval port that used to be buzzing but now most shops are boarded up and very little is going on. There is there the biggest gift shop i've ever seen in my life, apparantly for the cruise liner tourist who end up docking there why i have no idea. In the middle of the loch is a oil rig awaiting repairs it sure is a weird place.
On to Alness only 2 mile up the road and a totally diferent feeling proudly boasting it numours Britain in bloom winnings a pleasant village and the 1st traffic warden i've seen since leaving John o Groats going about his business. Leaving Alness a winding walk to my camp for the evening a Evanton further along the Cromaty Firth. A what a smashing little spot i found besides a burial ground so fire light and food cooking i settled for the evening.

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