Monday, 8 June 2009

Brora to Loch Fleet June 7th 2009 Day 7

Leaving Brora behind i headed towards Dornoch. Today was overcast and a bit chilly the road was pretty quiet and it was nice not to be darting off into the edge all the time out of the way of Hgv's. The sea still on my left and i could see the beaches and a fairytale castle in the distance nestled in the woods, that was Dunrobin Castle every little girls dream. So forward into Golpsie you could be forgiven for thinking you'd arrived in a spanish town in the middle of a siesta it was deserted or could have it been that it was a sunday afternoon, maybe. Out of Golspie and its awarded winning beaches but no people. I was back on deathrace 2000 dodging speeding cars, i will never understand why people come to scotland one of the most scenic and greenest parts of the brittish isles and race round like lunatics. About 4 miles from Golspie is Loch Fleet a beautiful sea loch and nature reserve/bird sanctuary. Under the bridge a perfect place to camp for the evening. A lady who was from down south now living and restoring a railway station built 1830 on the edge of the loch came for a chat, thanks for the quided tour and the firewood. What a lovely place to live overlooking the loch, with plenty of wild life. The Loch is tidal with sluice gates and a bridge built by Thomas Telford in 1877. Well worth a look. Lots of bird watchers came and a young fisher man caught me a sea trout very nice too thank you.

Loch Fleet as the sun goes down
The sluice gates at Loch Fleet

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