Sunday, 28 June 2009

Fort Augustus to South Laggan June 17th Day 14

Mostly along the Caledonian canal very nice. As far as the the Bridge Oich and on the the Abercahalder estate which was quite nice but the footpaths were boggy . Along side Logh Oich and Loch lochy. And a welcome pint on the river boat turned into a pub with two more new friends who were totaly nuts Bruce and Emma who had been touring islands and were on they’re way home but decided to stay another night and putting tents up in force 8 gales is no fun. Spending a night having a drink and sing song and the offer of a stay in his hotel in Aberfoyle an offer I shall take up thanks Bruce see you the weekend with any luck.
Bruce and Emma aka Donald and Morag. With Oliver Reed Lookalike on a windy rainy night in the tent.

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