Sunday, 28 June 2009

Fort William – Lochleven 21st June Day 17

And now for you, the state of the path leaves a lot to be desired today I was on it for hours more like a dried up river bed than a path that left my energy low and very hard going having to watch where I walked all the time. The weather wasn’t too bad thank goodness cos to walk this path in bad weather would be awful. Its says look out for the wild life eg. Eagles, Red Deer and Feral Goats all I saw was sheep not one single sparrow. A young couple appeared from over the top of the mountain with a look of shock and bewilderment. To the young guys horror he could not believe he had got lost. Not a place to be lost in. I hope the path gets better cos this is not much fun.

A nice waterfall on the West Highland Way

At this point I must say thank you to the lady from Cancer Research at Fort William for the donation of Dry Warm Clothes so thank you for that much appreciated.

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