Sunday, 28 June 2009

Evanton to Beuly June 11th Day 10

Beuly Village Centre Back out in the country side heading for Dingwall looking down onto the A 9 with glee as I walked along tree lined lanes that were peaceful and picturesque. Mountains to the right and Gromarty Firth to my left arriving into Dingwall for a coffee in Ladbrokes always good for a warm and ablutions. Pleasant village the biggest since Wick. Heading out to Connon Bridge luckily pavement so far the road from Connon Bridge to Beuly was tough due to the volume of traffic and the lack of walking space.
Arriving into Buely there were lots of industrial units and a nice golf course but hey why spoil a nice walk. I notice the further south I get the people and places change, it would appear that Beuly is not in economic decline or recession. It appears to be an affluent place with many expensive shops selling horsey type equipment . Spent the night in nice little spot by a farm with loads of sheep a very nice lady said if I didn’t spite roast an elephant I could have a fire. Thankyou for that.

Road to Connon Bridge

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